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Dr. Tiffany Bowden has had multiple placements as a TEDx speaker. Her published poetry is in Academic Journals and she has performed her work in University Classrooms, Poetry Venues and as a part of Corporate Diversity Training Programs. She frequently evokes a reflective and introspective approach that challenges us to break down barriers along the lines of race, gender, class, and culture.


As an executive and celebrity speech and ghostwriter, she has written articles, remarks, e-books, training materials and more.

Savvy in both creative as well as technical writing, Tiffany's work has ranged from being a published and performing poet to assisting minority and women-owned businesses with submitting and winning calls for RPFs in construction and medical cannabis industries. 

With her writing, she has assisted in breaking down barriers in understanding some of the most challenging and divisive topics such as racism and medical cannabis. She assists medical practitioners to make sense of their place and positions within the confusing alternative medical space. 


In particular, Tiffany is specialized in creating diversity and community impact plans for companies bidding for Minority-Owned Enterprises and Women-Owned Enterprises competing for contracts and licensing.


Dr. Tiffany Bowden - Juneteenth

Dr. Tiffany Bowden - Juneteenth

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Dr. Tiffany Bowden Publications

Tiffany has been published as a writer and has several pending speeches, articles, poems and books approaching including but not limited to: 


Bowden, T (2018). Technological Determinism and its Impact on Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion in the Tech Industry. Preparing for Apple, Inc.


Bowden, T (2018). Racial Sensitivity Training in a World With No 'Racists' (In Progress)


Bowden, T (2018). Manufacturing Happiness, an Advertising and Consumer Culture Review of Self-Love (In Progress)


Bowden, T (2018). Quitting Versus Letting Go: A Loser's Guide to Winning (In Progress)


Bowden, T (2018). What Medical Cannabis Can't Cure. (In Progress)


Bowden, T (2018). Anthony Bourdain Suicide: On the Need to Seek Happiness Within. View Publication


Bowden, T (2018). Kate Spade: On the Need for Entrepreneurial Trauma Support. View Publication


Bowden, T (2018). Children, Safety & Non-Psychoactive Medical Cannabis Treatment  (In progress)


Bowden, T (2018). Medical Cannabis Treatment Therapeutic Use, Abuse, and Impact (In progress)


Bowden, T (2018). Back in Business: Healing Chronic Back Pain Naturally (In progress)


Bowden, T (2017). Racial Implicit Attitude Training. Prepared for Apple, Inc.


Bowden, T (2017). Open letter to Scott Gionatti. Fb.Me/Tiffanybowden


Bowden, T (2016). Tiffany Bowden’s Breaking In Series: Founding Agreements.

Black Enterprise:


Bowden, T (2015). ComfyTree BudTending Training Book

Bowden, T (2014) ComfyTree  Resource Guide; Edited Compilation.

Comfy Tree Enterprises;

Bowden, T. (2010). Black Birds: Works of a Woman Unfolding. Qualitative Inquiry, 16, 235-239 . View Publication


Bowden, T. (2001). Good Advice From Parents., Voices of Nature, 224.




Tiffany has ghostwritten on several topics including but not limited to:


Diversity & Inclusion 

Advertising & Communication Strategy

Executive Remarks

Corporate Training


Business Coaching

Personal Development


Essential Oils

Alternative Medicine

Medical Spa Treatments

Community Activism

Trauma and Healing​​

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