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Tropical Leaves


Tiffany is available for speaking and consulting opportunities.

Do you want a traditional diversity workshop created for your corporate group or team?
Would you like for Tiffany to perform a poem at your university or program?
Would you like assistance writing a proposal with diversity and community in mind?
Are you interested in networking with minority businesses or investors?

Would you like Tiffany to be featured in your program?
Would you like to hire Tiffany as a writer?
Are you interested in Hiring a copywriter?
Are you competing for a RFP in the cannabis industry and need a strong application for a dispensary, cultivation center, processing center or other businesses?

Do you need a copywriter?
Are you interested in assistance with branding and advertising?
Do you need a business plan?

Are you interested in feeling more connection with others?
Would you like assistance in living authentically?
Do you need assistance in communicating more effectively with yourself?
Are you interested in moving through trauma?
Would you like to discuss options for healing based on holistic and natural remedies or through eliminating pain through expression?

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